Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is the treatment to cure communication disorders which include speech, language and swallowing disorders. At Vayodha Wellness, our approach includes a formal and informal judgment to gain a correct picture of your communication needs. After doing this we make treatment plan.

If you are not able to use speech for communication, you are very limited. A person without a voice has limitations in their ability to make choices and unable to interact socially. There are many reasons that an adult may face speech and language problems. At Vayodha Wellness our experts works in different areas to help an individual who suffered from communication disorders or any swallowing difficulties.

If you identify any of the following problems then it’s very important to give them support and treatment as soon as problem is identified-

  • Problem with pronouncing certain words following a stroke or a brain injury.
  • You feel that your facial muscles are weak.
  • Due to losing your voice you are suffering from severe stress, anxiety or trauma.
  • Suffered from stroke and now you feel difficulty in speaking or understanding language.
  • While eating and swallowing you are facing trouble.

At Vayodha Wellness our multidisciplinary team will evaluate, diagnose and give treatment of communication disorders, cognition, voice disorders and swallowing disorders.