Ortho Rehabilitation

Lack of independency in a movement due to an orthopaedic injury, illness or surgery is the most difficult situation. Orthopaedic rehabilitation helps in restoring independency in the patient physical abilities and reducing pain in all kinds of musculoskeletal disorders. With the help of ortho rehabilitation approach, patient can recover himself or herself from the various conditions of patients resulting to dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. Recovery may be challenging but Vayodha Wellness provides rehabilitation after surgery that enables patients to recover their ability to become independent for performing activities of daily living. Some of the conditions from which the patient recovers their ability with the help of Ortho Rehabilitation are –

  • Knee/ Hip Replacement – In order to get relief from unbearable pain, knee and hip replacement surgeries are performed. These surgeries provide pain relief when other solutions are no longer working. Rehabilitation after surgery is an important part of a patient’s recovery. Vayodha Wellness team help the patients to encourage recovery and rehabilitation process for knee and hip replacement.
  • The long lasting effects of many chronic conditions like diabetes may result to deterioration of a part of the body. These conditions may require surgical amputation. Vayodha Wellness provide rehabilitation after these surgeries that will help patients to get recover and become independent for performing activities of daily living.