Occupational Therapy

The main focus of occupational therapy is on the person’s occupation that includes various activities we perform in our day to day life. Occupational therapy enhances the individual’s strength. To increase your ability to perform daily living skills, our occupational therapist provides individualized therapy.

If you are not able to complete your day to day activities due to some injury, disability, illness or another condition then an occupational therapist can help you to bring that independency in order to maintain your quality of life. Occupational therapist at Vayodha Wellness plan out the task that becomes difficult in performing which involves homemaking skills like cooking, grooming, dressing and other activities. Occupational therapist also helps in decreasing the stress level and emotional trauma for the speedy recovery. We provide tailor made treatment plan that will be according to the client’s unique situation. At Vayodha Wellness our primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life. We achieve this by enhancing individual’s strength and ability to engage in the occupation or modifying the occupation for providing better support.

Occupational Therapy helps in developing personal goals and to understand about what prevents you from reaching these goals. Occupational therapist helps you by using your strength to achieve these goals. At Vayodha Wellness our plan includes the following –

  • Gaining a better understanding of your mental and emotional health so you can take an active part in your wellness and recovery.
  • Include development of skills which will be helpful to live more independently and perform activities such as shopping, cooking, budgeting homemaking and travelling in public transport.
  • Learn how to cope up with stress or anxiety.
  • Participation in life roles which are important to you.
  • Getting in touch with community, groups or organization.