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Medication Management

Medication management involves patient-centred care to optimize safe, effective & appropriate drug therapy. Care is provided through collaboration with patients and their Health care teams.
Medication Management includes the following services:

  • 1. The patients are made aware about the Medicines allotted, about the right time & way to consume it for their proper function & well-being.
  • 2. The accurate and proper information about the side-effects of the medicines, the patients are consuming.
  • 3. Formulation & Implementation of care plans to prevent and resolve drug therapy problems.
  • 4. Recommend, adapt or initiate drug therapy where needed.
  • 5. Evaluating & analysing the patient’s medical-related problems and assist them by diagnosing the potential or actual drug therapy problems.

By USA Trained Geriatric Clinical Pharmacists Dr. Ravi Wankhede