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Chronic Kidney Disease

If you are suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) it’s an intimation that you need to take special care for your disease and its treatment. The Palliative Care in CKD can offer people suffering from this dreadful disease an extra layer of support in various ways:
a) Manages pain & other conditions related in CKD
Palliative care is provided alongside curative treatment. The Palliative care team will work for the aim of providing relief from the adverse conditions related to kidney disease.
b) Help with communication with other doctors and the treatment plan
The Palliative care team keeps a track with your related doctors and about the execution of the treatment plan, suggests & make you understand the terms & conditions in the major steps like going on Dialysis or Kidney Transplantation. They will efficiently help you evaluate & analyse what Kidney Transplantation and dialysis might add to your quality of life & then also help you balance that against any drawbacks.
The Palliative care team provides a major support system in this disease and guides you in sorting out your personal values, your attitude towards the disease and regarding treatment and your family’s collective goals.
c) Providing Mental & Emotional support & Proper Guidance
The Palliative care team provides complete mental & emotional support to the patients dealing with CKD.They spend ample of time with the patient and their family members and make them aware and understand the condition and about the treatment.
d) Help you cope up with worry, stress or depression
It is clearly understood that the patients surviving with CKD undoubtedly deals with stress & depression which is on the other hand harmful and provides a negative effect on the patient’s recovery.
The Palliative care provides emotional support for the patients by services like additional therapies, including massages, talk therapy, counselling sessions and other relaxation techniques to ease the emotional, mental & spiritual stress.